Our kindergartens provide a warm and welcoming environment for your child, with our caring and skilled teachers.  Your child will have fun, make friends, and learn.   

We value the culture and languages of our families, and we support families to get involved in our programmes.   

Children learn through play, and we support them to develop learning habits that will help them through life. These include curiosity, perseverance, concentration, focus, and pride in their achievements and belief in themselves as learners.   

We foster communication, social skills, language and culture, early literacy, early maths and science and technology learning. Children learn about the environment and their own community.   

We support children to understand and regulate their emotions, and to be aware of others' emotions, and to develop empathy and respect differences.    

We think about the needs of every individual child, and we ask families about their aspirations, and work to meet those aspirations.   

At Whānau Manaaki, we take pride in the wide-open spaces our kindergartens offer and ensure all our children feel a deep connection to nature and the environment. 

Over 5000 children attend our kindergartens every day. Every kindergarten is different, as they reflect their community.   

All our kindergartens are open for six hours a day, and cater for children from two, but some take babies and toddlers, and have longer hours. Many of our kindergartens are open for 50 weeks of the year.