We are a not-for-profit Kindergarten Association that operates over a hundred kindergartens, two home-based networks and several community services. The cost of running all these services is high.

Our fees go towards the resourcing of our teams and the infrastructure to appropriately support them. We have more than 800 fully qualified, registered teachers and an additional 250 people in our head office and across our network supporting them.


Your first 20 hours are free. Any additional hours are charged to you depending on the structure of your kindergarten and your region. Please contact your local kindergarten for confirmation of the hourly rate charged there.

Our fees are lower-than-average compared to other providers in our region and we want to continue to make kindergarten accessible to as many as possible.

Whānau Contributions

Whānau Contributions are a voluntary donation that cover the short fall between government funding and fees.

  • The suggested amount will be a maximum of $10 per week.

 If you cannot pay the full amount, please pay what you can because every bit helps.

Inland Revenue also consider Whānau Contributions as a donation and can be claimed as a tax credit (IR526) when you lodge your annual tax return.

What we can do to support you

Families who are struggling to meet their commitment to fees can speak to their head teacher about the support available to them. A financial advisor is available to work with families to establish payment plans and address any concerns about meeting payments.

Childcare subsidies are available through WINZ. We recommend that families call the contact centre to see if they are eligible on 0800 559 009. Find out more about childcare subsidies here. 


Fees vs Contributions