Pacific Whānau Ora is about empowering Anau/Aiga/Families to identify their aspirations to improve their lives, as well as building their capability and capacity to achieve their goals. 

Our Community Navigators work alongside families to draw on their strengths, address barriers and provide access to other services.

Whānau Ora works in a range of ways, which is influenced by the approach your family wishes to take. Our Community Navigators will help your family decide on goals and ways to achieve them to get the successful outcomes.

We support Pasifika Families to reach their full potential to succeed in education, health, be economically independent, have a sense of belonging and contribute positivity to their communities.

If you need assistance or would like to find out more about Pacific Whānau Ora, you can contact our Community Navigators at

We are funded through Pasifika Futures, one of the government’s commissioning agency, and have an excellent track record of success. We work hard to support every family to achieve their own success, on their own terms.

We start with where families are at and what their goals are, rather than telling families how they should live. We celebrate our Pacific heritage, and we get together to help families celebrate their heritage and bridge gaps within families to create better understanding between the generations.

We also support people from the Pacific navigate the financial problems of modern urban life, including debt management and home ownership through our Le Fale team. In addition our navigators are skilled at supporting people through other stumbling blocks,  helping people gain qualifications, driver licenses, and achieve their dreams.

We support families to support their children for success in education and in life. We start with peoples’ strengths and build on those to create a successful life for the whole family. We support Pacific values of community, culture, language, spirituality, generosity and service. Our services are offered in the spirit of Pacific partnership.