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Updated Appraisal Kit for Teachers 2017-18




The updated Appraisal Kit is now available on the WMK website as a complete kit and also as just the forms.  You can access either of these here.


The kit and the separate forms are available as word documents to make it easier for those of you who prefer to type directly into the forms. However, to ensure that the documents remain consistent for all teachers please do not change any of the wording or formatting of the complete kit or the separate forms - thank you.


Please take the time to read through the whole kit, this will help you to gain a clear understanding of WMK expectations and the process.  Your Action Plans for both 2017-2018 goals need to be sent to your Senior Teacher by the 1st September 2017. 


Head Teachers, once you have collated all of the teachers' goals for 2017-2017 please click on this surveylink and add these goals. Senior Teachers will use these goals to plan for future professional learning and development opportunities.



Your Appraisal and the new Education Council Standards for the Teaching Profession


For this 2017-2018 appraisal cycle we are still appraising against the Practising Teaching Criteria (PTC).  Advice on the Education Council website is that the new standards are expected to be used for appraisal purposes from 1 January 2018 and, in the meantime, where teachers are meeting the PTC they are also deemed to be meeting the new standards.


On page 23 of the appraisal kit there is an Education Council Matrix aligning the PTC and the new standards for the Teaching Profession so that teachers can see the connections and start to engage with these new standards.  We are expecting the Education Council to deliver more supporting documentation over the coming months and we will be doing some work around integrating these new standards into our documentation over the coming year ready for the next appraisal cycle, 2018-2019.


Please get in touch with your Senior Teacher if you have any additional questions or need any additional support - thank you.
















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