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For many generations, parents have come together to support their local kindergarten, connect with one another, and gain some experience working in a group.


In the past, every kindergarten would have a Parent Committee which would take care of a wide variety of day-to-day tasks, often including fundraising to pay for the basic costs of running the kindergarten.


Today, Whānau Manaaki takes care of many of these functions, but our kindergartens still rely on the support or parents and communities for many of the ‘extras’ that help make kindergarten a fun place to be, and parents also enjoy the opportunity to connect with like-minded whānau.


Over the years, parent committees have evolved into other sorts of structures or functions - some kindergartens still have a traditional committee with set roles and responsibilities, in others, whānau, caregivers and others come together when and if required. For some, whānau support and participation is more about social gatherings, others are very focused on fundraising.


Parents, caregivers, communities and local businesses who are involved in our kindergartens are very special to us - getting involved is the kindergarten way, and it’s one of the differences between kindergartens and other forms of early childhood education.


Find out more about how you can play an active role in your local kindergarten by talking with your teaching team.









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