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New Employment Agreement and Pay Rates



The Ministry of Education reached agreement with NZEI (the union) for a new Collective Agreement.  This came into force on 1 June 2017 with pay increases effective 2 May 2017.  This agreement covers Teachers, Head Teachers, Senior Teachers and qualified Relievers (referred to as Teachers from this point) who were and are members of the union. 


The Ministry of Education has promulgated (or published) the terms and conditions of the Collective Agreement for Teachers who are not members of the union.  This means that non-members get the same terms and conditions as union members, with the exception of the date the new provisions apply, including pay increases. 


We recently asked NZEI for a list of our Teachers who are their members.  Anyone not on this list was assumed not to be a member.  We emailed and posted information to all these Teachers regarding an Individual Employment Agreement.  We appreciate there were some discrepancies in this list (e.g. if NZEI didn’t have a Teachers’ worksite listed under Whānau Manaaki) and we have addressed this (see below). 


Union members

Teachers who were union members at 1 June 2017 will receive their pay increases in two ways – backpay and new pay rates. 

  • Backpay (from 2 May to 20 June) – All Teachers will be paid their backpay in a separate payment. 
    • Those who were on the list provided by NZEI will receive this in their bank accounts on Tuesday 4 July:
    • Those who have since informed us, and/or inform us by Friday 29 June, that they were and are a union member will receive their backpay in a separate pay on Thursday 6 July. 
  • New pay rates – All Teachers who were on the list provided by NZEI, and/or inform us by Friday 29 June that they were and are a union member, will receive pay increases in their pay on Wednesday 5 July.  This pay period applies from 21 June. 


Non-union members

Teachers who were not on the list provided by NZEI have been sent (by email and by post) information asking them to sign a new Individual Employment Agreement.  The new provisions in the agreement, including new pay rates, will apply from the date the Individual Agreement is signed and returned to us.  There is no entitlement to backpay.  Until a new Individual Agreement is signed, the provisions of the old agreement stay in place (including pay rates). 


If Teachers join the union they automatically become covered by the Collective Agreement from the date their membership was confirmed by NZEI.   We ask that Teachers send us documentation showing this information – either a copy of a membership card or an email from NZEI confirming their membership. 


Any questions?

Please get in touch with Karen Skett HR Manager and she will talk you through your particular circumstances.  Karen can be contacted on 021 857826 or karen.skett@wmkindergartens.org.nz















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