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 6 May 2021




For a roundup of what has been happening across our regions click below.




Our latest news:









Nau mai ki tenei wiki Kōrero.  


We are excited to welcome our latest TONI cohort who commenced their training as Etu Ao homebased educators this week in Porirua.  Caryll Resink is supporting this group in their training.


We wish them all the best in their studies.


Poipoia te kakano, 

Kia puawai

Nurture the seed and it will blossom




Farewell To A Long Serving Senior Staff Member         


Trish Taylor-Pope, our Senior Projects Manager since Whanganui joined Whānau Manaaki, is leaving after eleven years in the kindergarten movement.


Trish headed the Whanganui Association for nine years and oversaw the 15 Whanganui and Central Plateau kindergartens joining Whānau Manaaki Kindergartens in 2019.  Leading this major change was inevitable she says, for the betterment of the kindergarten movement.  The Whanganui Association had been struggling financially for several years, and joining Whānau Manaaki Kindergartens enabled the region’s kindergartens to continue with added support.


Prior to joining the Whanganui Association Trish’s background was in the finance and banking sector, where she worked in leadership and management positions.  While her skills were transferrable, learning about the education sector she came up against the financial constraints in the kindergarten movement and the constant tension between affordability for families and financial viability for services.


We appreciate all that Trish has done for the kindergarten movement and wish her all the best in the next part of her journey.


He aha te mea nui o te ao
What is the most important thing in the world?
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata
It is the people, it is the people, it is the people. 


StaffSync – Important Update


As we told you last week, we have been working hard on getting things set up for the roll-out of StaffSync and this is going well.  We have been busy testing the way the system talks to iPayroll and Infocare and things are progressing.  We will be testing with 3 Kindergartens in the next couple of weeks and we have talked with them individually. 


So for now, unless you hear from us about testing, please continue with what you’ve been doing. This means:

  • Apply for leave through your iPayroll kiosk
  • Complete roster/Staff Hour Count on Infocare
  • Send in the weekly reports and timesheets you are used to. 


Please do go in and use the rostering function in StaffSync – start refamiliarising yourself with how it works and you let us know if you see anything amiss.  You can book your own relievers if you want to, or you can continue to use the Reliever Coordinators. 


After this testing we will be phasing in StaffSync in clusters/regions.  We will let each group know as we are ready to bring you on. 


Please keep an eye out on the Korero every week as we will be updating you.


If you have any questions you could create a case in Tūhonohono (if it’s not urgent) or you can contact Leigh. 


Senior Teacher Update 


Kia ora koutou katoa, 


Induction and Mentoring Programme 2021 

A very warm welcome to you if you have just joined He Whānau Manaaki Kindergartens as a newly certificated teacher (with a Tōmua or Provisional Practising  Certificate)  or if you are a new mentor. We suggest you make time to watch our Introduction to the WMK Induction and Mentoring programme, which is available here in the first cell under “Kits and Resources’.  You can also download a copy of our WMK Induction and Mentoring kit from there too.


 Professional Growth Cycle 

The HWM Professional Growth Cycle, has now been shared with you all. If you have questions about this new way of working, let your Senior Teacher know, and we can support you.


You will also find on the Teachers Toolbox the WMK Professional Growth Cycle 2021 Plan. Within this plan there are word versions of the Quality Practice Templates (within the Timatanga section).


Storypark planning templates for the QPT’s are also available in each kindergartens planning section - and there is a choice of either one template for all the Standards, or individual templates for each Standard.


The Teaching Council are also holding more live zoom webinars in the coming weeks as well as giving access to recorded webinars, you can access both here. 


Head Teacher Meetings Term 2- Te Manawa

The Senior Teaching team were excited to release the 3rd Edition at the recent Regional Meetings, and we appreciate the feedback from you at these meetings. Currently the Te Manawa Team are designing the PLD for term two and this edition includes the preparation for Term 2’s Head Teacher meetings.


Click on the following for more information:


Head Teacher Meeting Te Manawa PLD


Te Manawa PLD Sessions 2021


Social Competency Strategy 2021

Thank you to all the contributions to the review of our Social Competency Strategy and supporting documents.  The working document for teams has been reviewed and additional guidelines for kaiako when managing extreme behaviours is complete.  You can now access the Social Competency Policy and Guidelines for Managing Extreme Behaviours here.


Our Social Competency Strategy now reflects the key messages in He Māpuna te Tamaiti -Supporting Social and Emotional Competence in Early Learning; makes stronger connections to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the key principles of Te Whāriki 2017. 


You are now able to revisit and review your team Social Competency Procedures using the Strategy and guidelines as your reference points. 


Each teaching team will develop a social competence procedure outlining how they implement criteria into their programme. Your procedure, and practice, will be inclusive, culturally responsive and reflect a learning focused culture. The criteria and reflective questions will prompt you to consider how you build respectful and reciprocal professional relationships with whānau and how those relationships inform what is valued and viewed as social competence and appropriate behaviour in your kindergarten. It is important that your procedure authentically reflects the shared values of your team, whānau and community.


You can access the documents and other resources in the Teachers Toolbox Teachers Toolbox Social Competency Plan.


Reviewing and Planning for the Future

The Senior Teachers have just returned from a busy two day hui where we worked with Facilitator Clare Wells on the role of the Senior Teacher. 


As you know, with Sharon Coulton ( leader of the Senior teacher team ) leaving  we don’t currently have a Team Leader, so this has given us an opportunity  to review our roles and look at how we might be more creative  in our approach. We discussed what was strong about the Senior Teacher service  and what we thought could change. All of this was in relation to being more responsive and  how we might use our combined skills to further strengthen teaching and learning across the Association.  


We will be continuing this work throughout May and June, and will keep you updated about our progress – exciting times!


Te Reo Māori Online PLD Opportunity For Kaiako - He Pātaka Reo


Kaz has updated this PLD into Tūhonohono and has enrolled all staff who have expressed an interest in completing this online learning.  You may have received an email confirming you have been enrolled, you may also notice the date of the course is showing as 31/12/2021.  Please note this is just an arbitrary date that was chosen to fill a compulsory field :-)  If you check your dashboard in Tūhonohono you will see that you are enrolled on the course. 


You should also have received your log-on from the provider.  If this is not the case then please let Kaz know.  


If you still want to be part of this course, then please use the Forms link here to register - do NOT try to enrol directly in Tūhonohono because your name will not be passed on to the course provider.


This is the last tranche to be sent to the provider.  Enrolments will close on the 28th May.


Playground Audits


Just to let you know that we are currently undertaking playground audits. 


Leanne Nelson, Lisa Ford, Trish Taylor Pope, Trish Thomson and Rachel Cronin are completing the audits and will make contact with you to arrange a suitable time/day to visit. 


When they visit please ensure that you have the outdoor area set up as usual so they can see how it usually looks. The auditors won’t need to be escorted around but if you wanted to chat  or show them anything please feel free.


Any questions please contact Lorraine



Pacific Fono A Success


Whānau Manaaki teachers and staff were among those attending an NZEI Te Riu Roa Pasifika Fono over the term break, hosted in Ōtautahi, Christchurch.


Etu Ao Visiting Teacher Team Leader Carly Perrot says it was wonderful professional development, with inspiring speakers.  She says the message she took from the fono was to take opportunities when they arise, and not to let negative thinking from others discourage you from aiming high.


“Don’t let others put you in a box. Don’t think as a Pacific person something is unachievable for you.”


One of the speakers was Maria Lemalie, who is Deputy Principal of Christchurch Girls High School. She started her career at Christchurch Boys High, where there were few women and even fewer from a Pacific background. Her presentation was called “Pulatasi Among Suits” highlighting how she stood out at the boys school.


She spoke of the need for all teachers to be Pacific champions, and how you don’t have to be of Pacific ethnicity to advocate and fight for Pacific students and children. 


An aim of the conference was to consider how the education system could be more responsive to Pacific learners.


Whānau Manaaki Senior Teacher Andy Cairns says a strong theme of the conference was that all teachers have a responsibility for the success of Pacific children.  She says non Pacific teachers need to also think about how they can step up and be mentors to Pacific teachers.


The fono had the theme of “Na leo i Ko’olau - honouring the voices of ancestors.  Poets Daisy Lavea-Timo and Tusiata Avia were keynote speakers. 


The NZEI Te Riu Roa Pacific Fono will be held in Wellington in two years time.


Whānau Manaaki’s Caroline Mareko, who also gave a presentation at the fono in Christchurch, is one of those organising the next one.    


                                       Lana, Presley, Ngaretta and Ina at the fono.


Giveaway Day


Una Williams Kindergarten (Wairarapa) are holding a Giveaway Day on the 22 May from 9am to 12pm.

If you have any items that you would like to donate, please drop these off to Una Williams as soon as possible. They have lots of room to hold these until the Giveaway Day.


Una Williams are looking for donations of clothing, toys, books, toiletries, sheets, blankets, shoes, nappies, curtains, heaters and small furniture etc. Unfortunately, they cannot accept electronics such as TV’s or computers.  Your donations will be greatly appreciated.


Budget 2021 – Pay Parity For Teachers


With the budget coming up later this month, organisations in the sector are highlighting the need for more money for early childhood education.


As part of the pre-budget initiative, the union for early childhood teachers NZEI Te Riu Roa has been holding a week of action for centres to show their support for pay parity across the sector.  

Titahi Bay Kindergarten was one of those taking part, visiting another centre, All About Kids, to show support.


The budget is expected to deliver more money for pay parity, with Education Ministry Chris Hipkins saying this is his highest priority. However he has warned that it can’t be delivered all at once.


Because kindergarten teachers won pay parity with primary teachers in 2002, and had it fully implemented in 2006, kindergarten teachers earn on average around 30 per cent more than other early childhood teachers, although there is wide variation.


Whānau Manaaki Kindergartens supports fair pay across the sector, with a national collective agreement for all teachers.


A petition was delivered to Jacinda Ardern’s electorate office in Auckland, and teachers around the country have been highlighting the issues.


Whānau Manaaki Kindergartens, through Kindergartens Aotearoa, will be putting out a press release supporting fair pay for all teachers through a national collective agreement.


         Titahi Bay Kindergarten visited All About Children as part of their action for pay parity.


Reading Ambassador Announced


New Zealand has its first reading ambassador, Lyttleton-based poet Ben Brown, who wants every parent to read to their children every day.


 “It’s change-the-world behaviour, make it a mantra and do it every day.”  “Tell them stories, reinforce who they are, why they are there, why they are important.”


Ben Brown (Ngāti Mahuta, Ngāti Koroki, Ngāti Paoa) has been appointed to the role to champion reading and literacy in the lives of young Kiwis, their whānau and communities.


He was read to always as a child and says the importance of that cannot be overstated.  He has worked in youth justice and seen the impact of low literacy rates on some of the country’s most vulnerable.


“Illiteracy is hugely disproportionate in the youth justice system. Half of them have serious literacy issues or are outright illiterate: they can’t read or spell. That embarrasses them and they get angry.”


Brown says parents can fall into the trap of repeating behaviour from their own childhoods but breaking the cycle is crucial.


Literature must be relevant and speak to children: “It must have images and moments they recognise - otherwise you’re shouting into the wind”.


He will also focus on appreciation of stories that reflect Aotearoa, and creation of reading resources in te reo Māori and other languages.


                                              Poet Ben Brown - Reading Ambassador




Please see below, if you have not yet done so would you please RSVP to Lorriane by 13 May.



Board News - Jo Young                                                          


Jo Young is new to the Whānau Manaaki board, but she’s not afraid to challenge decisions when it comes to creating a more Tiriti-based organisation.


Jo, who teaches at Awatea Kindergarten, represents staff on the board, and is also part of the Rohe Whanui that brings together Māori staff in the organisation, Ngā Taura Here.


She says her background in NZEI Te Riu Roa work supports her to be an advocate.


Jo says it’s about living and breathing Te Tiriti o te Waitangi, but everyone is on board with the kaupapa.


“I feel really listened to; the board is really willing to be part of that.”


Jo is keen for there to be iwi representation on the board, and for there to be an official representative from Ngā Taura Here.


Jo supports the move to form Kindergartens Aotearoa, the large organisation formed by eight kindergarten associations, because of the importance of sustainability for the kindergarten movement. She also sees it providing career opportunities for kaiako, and she says Māori kaiako do not necessarily want to progress to Head Teacher in a linear way, but may want to use their skills knowledge and attributes in a different leadership path.  



Appointments and Resignations


Congratulations to the following on their recent appointments:



Kirstie Matakatea

Head Teacher


Jo Avaki



Anna Palmer

.6 Teacher


Emma Laurie


East Harbour

Susan Shand

Part-time Teacher

Maxwell & Districts

Jay Hollows


Owhiro Bay

Stacey Robinson

Senior Head Teacher


Olivia Kerr

Head Teacher


Hayley des Barres



Rebecca Roseingrave


York Street


We wish all the best to the following who have resigned:



Joe Reid

Teacher Aide

Tai Tamariki

Sam Bielak-White

Fulltime Teacher


Sharon Coulton



Debi McLean


Ascot Park

Kirsty Stanbrook

.4 Teacher

Durie Hill


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