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 30 April 2020


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Nau mai ki tenei wiki Kōrero.  


We are at Level 3 of our rūhui and while things remain fairly much the same for us personally, a lot has happened for our organisation with the opening of some of our kindergartens and our homebased service.  Once again everyone across our organisation has contributed to get to us to this stage. So thank you!


Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi Engari, he toa takitini

My successes are not mine alone, they are ours - the greatest success we will have are from working together.   




He Whānau Manaaki Kindergartens – COVID-19 update #8 (replacing today's email)


It’s great to hear about the wonderful work that teams are doing with their children, parents and whānau – thanks heaps for the learning that’s going on at kindergarten and the learning that’s going on from a distance.


Just remember that if you are posting on social media, to maintain the privacy requests of whānau – particularly around whether or not they want their children filmed or photographed.


The Senior Teachers are working hard to provide resources to support the work you do. Keep checking out the Teachers Toolbox on Storypark.


Yesterday around 63 of our kindergartens opened, and around four per cent of our usual numbers of children attended – about the same as the national average percentage.


The number of cases across the country continues to drop, with 216 active cases,down 12 from yesterday.


Don’t forget to get a flu injection if you choose to – it is recommended by the Ministry for all teaching staff. Just photograph the receipt and send it to accounts. You can download the reimbursement form here.  All staff including administration staff are eligible for a refund.  


Another set of Frequently Asked Questions are here.


Message From Cam Calkoen          


Just wanted to reach out and say my thoughts are with you and your teaching community. I really enjoyed speaking with everyone in 2018 and know that many of your community and team will be facing uncertainty during this time. Here’s a little bit of awesomeness to contribute to theirs...


I’m currently in Napier within my bubble. This was a town once devastated by a massive earthquake, a town that in a time of disaster adopted the byline of ‘without vision the people perish’. Napier rebuilt itself in the era of Art Deco and started to attract people from all over the world to its once devastated township, from its worst days came its best…and these kind of reminders about resilience continue to be around us.


Here’s a little message of awesomeness from me, to you, to share as far as you wish


I look forward to continuing to share a journey with you through continuing to embrace an opportunity-centric vision.


Cool Things Keep Happening


On Tuesday our very own Lou Fruean, Kaitiaki o Kaupapa Māori, and Ngarita King, Head Teacher at Gonville Kindergarten in Whanganui shared their skills with Karen O’Leary of “Karen’s House” on Home Learning TV! You can see it again here on TVNZ On Demand.



The team at Awatea have been putting together and delivering some resources to keep tamariki engaged in learning over the next few days.  Great mahi team and love the social distancing!


No One Taking Up The Challenge??    


Did you see the office toilet paper throw video in Kōrero 261?  No one yet has taken up the challenge to do theirs!

If you want your own video made up with your kindergarten team or whānau, we can help!  You might even want to include your kindergarten children, that would be pretty cool!!

All you need to do is take the individual footage (it helps if you create a rule e.g. receive from the right and throw to the left) and then send the clips through tochanelle.huia-rutten@wmkindergartens.org.nzand Chanelle will format these into a video for you! 

(wetransfer.com is an easy and free way to transfer your files to Chanelle)

It’ll be awesome to see what everyone comes up with!!  




We continue to receive awesome feedback from teachers and our communities.  Remember to email through feedback to korero@wmkindergartens.org.nz  Here is some received for this week.


  • Thank you for the art supplies and books Lea was so excited to receive them. We ordered the paint from that website you sent me (thank you) and now she is so happy because she got lots of deliveries.


    Thank you so much for the support with food deliveries, and thank you for reaching out to us, take care and see you when this is all over.

  • She was so excited so thank you so much, best thing is she got a bed time story from Dad tonight. Thank you heaps. 

  • Etu Ao Team keep safe miss you lot.  Special thank you for the support of the team and everyone for our tamariki,  families and friends.  God bless you all, Kia Toa Kia Manuia Etu Ao Team.
  • Go Nikki and Liu! You Rock! Oakley’s smile was a mile wide!
  • Thank u. Just found a pack outside our door. Frankie already enjoying her new pukapuka.

Staying Connected


We love seeing each week how you are connecting with each other and their kindergarten communities.  Keep sending in all those great photos to korero@wmkindergartens.org.nz.  The Zoom dress ups seem to be a hit and you guys are so creative!  


Here's the team at Ascot Park at two of their meetings, they have set a dress up challenge for each meeting, and they assure us they are getting work done!!



This Week On Facebook   







Handy Facebook Pages   


Now is a time, more than ever, to support our local and New Zealand businesses.  This site has been set up to support those business. Check it out!




There are a number of other sites that have been set up to support local businesses, you might want to check out dish, they hare listed all of the restaurants, by local area, that are open for contactless business, have a look here.


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