All of the Pasifika community is encouraged to attend, this includes church ministers/leaders/groups in Porirua, Pasifika parents or parents of Pasifika children, Pasifika children aged from 5-12, 13-17, 18+ youth, caregivers of Pasifika children, teachers, principals, teachers aides who are either Pasifika or teach Pasifika learners from ECE to tertiary, parents of children in learning support or with disabilities, Boards of Trustees or Management Committee members in ECE services and schools with high Pasifika numbers, Pasifika workers in the education sector wide. This is a community summit discussing Pacific Education so everyone attending is Community.


Finance Update


Term 3 2018 Whanau Contributions

Your families may be starting to ask about Term 3 requests for Whanau Contributions.  Feel free to let them know that these will be emailed out later next week.  Hard copies will also be delivered to kindergartens for distribution through “child pockets”.  So that we have the most up to date information for our request letters can you please try and have all your children’s enrolment records in Infocare up to date by the end of day on Tuesday 31st July 2018.


End of Month Infocare Cut-Off

Next week is financial month end and we will be working on Board and Kindergarten reports for the month of July.  As per the Annual Administration Wall Planner 2018, your Infocare records for July are due to be completed on Friday 3rd August next week.  This means we would like you to complete the following tasks in Infocare, up to and including Friday 3rd August, i.e:

  • Sign in sheets marked in Infocare (actual attendance)
  • Fee invoices created and committed
  • Staff timetables (“staff hour count”) completed
  • Online sign off of your monthly roll return
  • Any ratio, attendance or roll issues are communicated to the Association (please call Tania or Cathryn)


Tania or Cathryn will follow up with you next Monday if they have any questions related to your records.


Invoice Coding

A reminder that ALL supplier invoices, receipts, and reimbursements that are emailed/sent to accounts for payment must include details of account and department codes.  The accounts code list has been recently updated to include new codes (e.g. 2045 Targeted Funding For Disadvantage) and highlight those expenses now paid for by the Association (e.g. 2508 Pest Services, 2502 Alarm Monitoring and Security etc.). 


If you require a copy of the new account code list please email for a copy.