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 24th January 2019


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Welcome to our latest update of information and stories you may be interested in...


A very big welcome back to all of our kindergarten teams who started earlier in the year and those who started back this week.   We all hope you have had a wonderful break and we are looking forward to the year ahead with you. 


Enjoy the first Kōrero of the year!




Tapasa Turu 1


Just to clarify the Tapasa Turu 1 catch up sessions on the 4th and 5th February are for those who attended Carrying the Tapa and did not attend the Turu 1 workshop series held last year.


We are offering the catch up workshop so you can attend the Turu 2 workshop series with your team starting at the end of February.


It is important that you enrol through HT.Net.  Please contact Hannah if you have any problems.


Content Banks


If you haven’t been in contact with Chanelle regarding your kindergarten’s photo/content bank please do so asap!


There are still a few outstanding photos for confirmation!


Kindergarten Logos


Almost all of our kindergartens have now confirmed their new logos!! This is super exciting!

Now that you’ve got your new logo a great idea would be to use this as your facebook profile photo, this way our families will begin to recognize your logo and associate this with your kindergarten. They may also see other kindergartens' logos and recognize the similarities linking us all together!

If you need a hand with this please email Chanelle at



Kindergarten Events


Let us know if you have an upcoming event!  Or add us as a co-host to your event page on facebook!


We’ve had some interest from potential stall holders wanting to know when our kindergartens are holding their fairs and festivals. The easiest way for us to share this information with the largest audience is to share these events from our Whānau Manaaki Facebook page. So if you have any events coming up that you would like us to share on our page please either let Chanelle at the office know or add the Whānau Manaaki Facebook page as a co-host to your event, this way your event will be visible from the WM page to be seen by over 1000 followers!


Not only that but if you have something special happening at kindergarten we’d love to hear about it!  Chanelle would love to get some more snaps of our kindergartens in action!


Property Team              


Next week we are hoping to bring you updates of the work that was done over the term break to a number of our kindergarten properties.


The team were very busy over the break ensuring renovations and upgrades were done on time for your return this week.


Can't wait to see the amazing work that has been achieved!


Fantastic Art Work At East Harbour Kindergarten


Just before Christmas a local artist and former East Harbour Kindergarten attendee, Chimp (Ash), created a fantastic mural on their concrete wall.


The mural depicts a kereru and tui as well as native flax flower and pohutakawa. The kereru represents guardianship and the smaller tui, childhood.


There is a visual relationship between the kereru watching over the tui and the innocent and curious expression within the tui’s eye enhances its youthful character.




To Give Away


Onslow Kindergarten has a double sided notice pocket holder that is free to any kindergarten that may have a use for it.


It is 6 pockets tall and 7 pockets wide.  This must be picked up from the kindergarten.  Give them a call if you are interested.




Previous Kōrero Editions


If you are wanting to access previous editions of the Kōrero you can find them at 



or you can click here.


It is a good idea to save this link as an icon on your desktop.



Thank you for taking the time to read Kōrero. 

Don't forget to check out some of the stories listed down the side menu. Just click between the stories of use the Kōrero bar to come back to this page.






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