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 22 August 2019


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Nau mai ki tenei wiki Kōrero.  


You will notice that we no longer have the Whakaohooho tab at the bottom of the Kōrero.  We are now sharing topical information in the Teachers' Tool Box in Storypark.  If you come across anything that you think would be interesting to share please send it through to Lynette at lynette.wray@wmkindergartens.org.nz




For Whanganui Staff


Click here to view the latest update of Mahi Tahi.  


Kōrero Email


Did you know that you do not have to wait for the Thursday email to access the latest Kōrero?


Every Thursday the Kōrero is updated to our website at approximately 3.30pm.  You can access this by going to www.wmkindergartens.org.nz/korero.


So don't worry if you have not had an email, you can access the latest Kōrero at any time using the link above.


End Of Month Infocare Cut-Off


We will be working on Board and Kindergarten reports for the month of August over the coming weeks so we require your Infocare records for the last week of August to be finalised on Monday 2 September


This means we would like you to complete the following tasks in Infocare, up to and including Friday 30 August, as appropriate:

  • Sign in sheets marked in Infocare (actual attendance)
  • Fee invoices created and committed
  • Staff timetables (“staff hour count”) completed
  • Online sign off of your monthly roll return
  • Any ratio, attendance or roll issues are communicated to the Wellington Association Office (please call Tania or Cathryn 04 232 3069 or 0800 546 337)


Tania or Cathryn will follow up with you on Tuesday if they have any questions related to your records. 


2020 Term Dates


The dates for next year are confirmed.  There are four different calendars showing open/closed dates, and compulsory leave for:


The key start and finish dates are:

  • Monday 6 January, all Kindergartens and Etu Ao Open
  • Monday 21 December, last day for Part-Year Kindergartens
  • Tuesday 22 December, last day for Full-Year Kindergartens and Etu Ao. 


If you have any questions about these dates or the calendars, please contact Karen at karen.skett@wmkindergartens.org.nz or on 021 857 826. 




Appraisal is on top for many of us as we are in the thick of Annual Appraisal meetings and developing our Appraisal Goal Action Plans.


We have updated the Appraisal Goal Survey for this year for all Teachers and Support Staff and the survey is now available by clicking here.


All Head Teachers/Senior Head Teachers are asked to complete this by 31 August 2019. We use the information gathered through the survey to inform our Professional Learning and Development programme for the upcoming year.  


An area that we have had some questions around is how to set up your Appraisal Goal Action Plan on Storypark.


The templates for this are available under your kindergarten’s ‘Planning’ section on Storypark, the Template is called: ‘ WMK Appraisal 2019-2020 Action Plan template’ see below…



Tongan Language Week      


Tongan language week is coming up, in the first week of September.


Here’s a link to a resource developed by the Ministry of Education and Te Papa a few years ago, which has ideas and some simple Tongan language to practice.


Please let us know how you celebrate Tongan Language week in your kindergartens.  All photos and stories can be emailed to korero@wmkindergartens.org.nz


Bugs Made Fun!



Kindergarten Based Students


Every Friday up to ten students descend on the Whānau Manaaki office’s Te Puna room to study as a group for their early childhood teacher’s qualification. They are supported by Debby King, who also teaches at Maraeroa in Porirua.


Matt Smith went through the Y-men programme, which encouraged men to spend time in early childhood services and to learn about child development, as a way out of unemployment, through gaining skills and confidence. Matt was one of several who decided to train as a teacher, as a result of this expeirence. “I realised that I loved it.”


He also works two days a week at Moira Gallagher Kindergarten. Matt is in his third year and says the study group helps him keep up with the workload. He says Debby is really helpful and the discipline of the group helps him stay on track.  “I’m happy with what I’m doing.”


Eilish Chapman works at Totara Park Kindergarten, and is studying through Te Rito Maioha. She has three children, and her interest developed through her experience as a parent. She’s in her first year, and enjoying the study, after a previous career in steel fabrication.  “I never thought I would get into early childhood, working with children.”


Marama Ruau is studying at Open Polytech and came into study after being involved with our homebased service, Etu Ao. Many in her family are teachers, and they encouraged her to train as a teacher. She juggles studies with caring for three children as well as working at Toru Fetu.


Steph is mum to Freya,18 months old, (pictured) who is cruising around the study room . She is studying at Open Poly, and while not working in a kindergarten, appreciates the opportunity to study in a supportive atmosphere.


Debby says the Whānau Manaaki space gives students the chance to support each other, develop tuakana teina relationships, and she can help with brainstorming ideas, proof-reading, and using the expertise of Whānau Manaaki staff if needed.


Paula Hunt is the Senior Teacher who oversees the kindergarten based students programme. There are currently 17 students, some of whom are volunteering as part of their studies.


Marama, Matt, Eilish and Steph with her daughter Freya, meet each Friday for study group.


Appraisal Changes Signalled


The Teaching Council has emailed every teacher explaining its approach to appraisal following the recent accord reached between the Ministry of Education and the teacher unions.


He Whānau Manaaki’s Senior Teachers will be discussing the implications of the accord, and the messages from the Teaching Council, as part of their workplan.


There is going to be consultation with the sector over the changes.


Here’s a link to the relevant page from the Teaching Council, which includes links to the accord.  This accord was signed as part of the primary teachers collective agreement settlement.


Predatory Lenders


Recently, Whānau Manaaki’s Caroline Mareko spoke to the government select committee looking at change to the law on loans, and argued for a cap on interest rates for short term loans.


The government is tightening up on predatory lenders, sometimes called loan sharks, who offer high interest loans to people who are often turned down by more mainstream lenders such as banks.


The bill being considered is called the Credit Contracts Legislation Amendment Bill and it included a limit on the total cost of borrowing, but no limit on the interest rates which can take substantial proportions of borrowers’ household incomes.


Caroline was representing the Council of Trade Unions. She is co-convenor of the CTU Komiti Pasefika, which advocates for Pacific workers and their families.


Caroline told the select committee that many Pasefika families have low incomes and face negative effects from predatory lenders, which drives them into a debt spiral and means families are paying high interest instead of buying food, paying rent or paying for electricity.


She told the committee that in some circumstances, children miss school or early childhood education because there is no food for lunch, and laundry can back up for weeks. Caroline explained some of the obligations and financial issues that can lead to families being entwined with loan companies for years, compromising their ability to get ahead or to save.


She argues that interest rate caps already exist in the United Kingdom and Australia.


She also called for more effective enforcement of the law to prevent predatory lenders taking advantage of borrowers, and stronger regulation on debt collection, to stop intimidating visits at home, public humiliation of debtors, and companies pressuring people to hand over ATM cards.


There’s a petition calling on the government and the Minister in charge of the consumer credit legislation, Kris Faafoi, to put an interest rate cap on loan sharks that are hurting our families.


You can sign he petition here. 


This Week On Facebook     


To support their community learning project 'Kaitiakitanga' Miramar Kindergarten team invited their neighbours at Predator Free Miramar to talk to the children about the amazing work they are doing in our community.  Joakim, from Predator Free, explained how the traps work and talked about how they can encourage more native birds to visit their gardens. They had a close up look at a rat trap and were surprised to discover wily rats were able to chew through the plastic. Thank you Predator Free Miramar and Predator Free Wellington for supporting their children to be kaitiaki-guardians of our land.






Can you guess what the children at Marie McFarland made at the recycling centre? Their dads were an awesome support.  He mihi nui atu kia koe Ruth te kaiwhakahaere mo tēnei haerenga. He pai rawa atu tēnei haerenga me tēnei kaupapa.  The teachers had a great time, the tamariki did too! 




Everyone at Una William is encouraged to bring their running shoes and get ready for a run around with their tamaiti.  This happens on the rugby field behind the kindergarten.  


Handy Facebook Pages   


Like or follow your local museums,  art and entertainment exhibitors, you never know when they might have something of interest on for your kindergarten!



These Could Be Yours For A Koha!


Newtown Kindergarten have been having a bit of a clean out and thought some other Kindergartens might like to give them a koha for any of these items. They will need to pick them up.  Contact the team on (04) 389 8245, if interested.


One group is a mixture of wooden blocks, another is a wooden railway track with tunnels/ bridges and another is a assortment of dramatic play resources.




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