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 21 March 2019


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Welcome to our latest update of information and stories you may be interested in...


Ngā Mihi Nui Ki A Koutou


It’s been a tough week for everyone as we come to terms with what happened last Friday and how we respond to our families, our children, our communities and in our teams.


I am really proud of you all and how you have stepped up as you always do with aroha and understanding, listening and kindness.


There has been a lot of information from the Ministry and other organisations, and we have shared information on our Facebook pages which many kindergartens have reposted. 


Please remember that we are here to support you. If you have any thoughts or ideas of how we can do that more effectively, please feel free to contact us.


In the weeks ahead we will be thinking about how kindergartens can more explicitly be a force for bringing people of different cultures together, increasing understanding, particularly with Muslim families, and working against racism. We will be looking for your ideas and support. 


In the meantime have a peaceful weekend everyone. 

As-salamu alaykum, peace be upon you.





Responding To Terror Attack With Kindness


Nadia  Elhajjaoui, a long standing Whānau Manaaki staff member at Berhampore Kindergarten has called on everyone – teachers, families, and other staff – to reach out to others in the wake of the terror attacks.


Nadia, who speaks Arabic, has been supporting families this past week, speaking to each family and making sure they know they are welcome, valued, and supported. She says the attacks have affected everyone, not just Muslims.


“Please make time to say hi, to smile, to make everyone feel welcome”


Sometimes, she says, we feel isolated, “it would be great to reach for others and say hi, to show people that they are welcome.”


Berhampore Kindergarten has placed peace signs in Arabic along the fenceline, one of many initiatives to emphasise the core values of kindergarten – manakitanga, aroha, kindness, respect, diversity, acknowledging the mana of every child and every family.  The funds they raised at their recent wheelathon will now be donated to the victims of the attacks.


Other kindergartens have held special mat times, have lit candles, planted trees, created coin trails for fundraising, made cards for Christchurch children, and written cards.  


Others have collected donations and have made planned fundraising activities oriented towards the victims of the terror attack. Some have taken the opportunity to practice their lock down drills.


Tomorrow Berhampore is one of several kindergartens that will observe the two minutes silence to remember the victims of the attacks. The Muslim call to prayer will be played on the radio and on television nationwide and several kindergartens will play this during their day. 


Several teachers are also planning to wear headscarves as a show of solidarity with the Muslim community.







The team at Papararangi offered their support to Christchurch and their Muslim whānau. They had a special friendship candle on their kai table. Tamariki also made their own friendship and love rings.


They have concentrated their programme around the Manaakitanga and Kotahitanga sections of our kawa to continue learning about caring for each other and working together for unity. 





At the Association Office a candle has been lit each day this week to remember those caught up in the tragic events in Christchurch.  Behind this candle stands a quote from our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.




Lockdown Procedures


The events in Christchurch last Friday have prompted some kindergartens to think about their own process, particularly about whether we have up to date contact details for all our families.


Please take the time to check with families that the details you have are up to date, particularly for emergency contact people who may have moved away, changed jobs or phone companies or whatever.


If parents ask about lockdown processes you can assure them that we have policies in place as part of our emergency planning.


Say It With Dolls


Two Bay of Plenty children started a project in response to the Christchurch attacks that have been taken up in kindergartens and schools across the country.


Daniel and Emily Barback wanted children to show others that they care about people from all cultural backgrounds.


“We want to create a long, long line of paper dolls that show kids of all different cultures together holding hands,” says eight-year-old Emily.   


Here’s a link to more about the initiative.  




Staff Name Badges


Please contact Chanelle at the office if you would like a name tag – these are optional and ordered in batches 😊


Tell Us About The Events Happening In Your Community!

We try to keep track of the happenings and goings on for all of you but every now and then something slips under the radar!


Please let us know of local events so that we can share information with families and support our kindergartens should you want to get involved 😊

Policy Reviews


The latest polices up for review are noted below.  Please click on each of these and provide feedback.


Feedback on these policies are due back to jane.braun@wmkindergartens.org.nz by Friday 4th April 2019.


Giveaway Day


The next giveaway day is being held this Saturday, 23rd March, at Nuanua Kindergarten. 


If you have any goods you wish to donate to this giveaway day we would appreciate them being dropped off at the office on Friday or direct to Nuanua Kindergarten after 3pm on Friday.  Donated goods could include clothing, bedding, kitchen utensils, furniture and linen.


We are always appreciative of the generosity of our kindergartens, their staff, families and community. Thank you.  


Induction And Mentoring PLD


We are looking forward to seeing all Provisionally Certificated Teachers and their Mentors at our first Induction and Mentoring Seminar this Saturday. 


Saturday 23 March

9am to 1pm

Upper Hutt Cossie Club


Teachers who hold a Subject to Confirmation Practising Certificate are very welcome to attend too.


Please ensure you have enrolled on HR.Net.  We need numbers so that we have enough food, chairs and resources for everyone – thanks.  


It is expected that all provisionally certificated teachers (PCT’s) attend as it is required part of the Induction and Mentoring programme.


The programme includes:

  • an introduction to Te Manawa for all new teachers
  • a work shop specifically for Mentors (focusing on observing teachers practice and feedback/feedforward)
  • a workshop on Social Competence and
  • time to focus on your Induction and Mentoring Programme (please bring your induction and Mentoring/Appraisal portfolios)

Please contact Lynette (lynette.wray@wmkindergartens.org.nz) or your Senior Teacher if you have any questions or queries.


Te Manawa 101: For All New Teachers (And Anyone That Would Like A Refresher)


This Saturday 23 March 2019

Upper Hutt Cossie Club

9.00 -11.00


This term our introduction to Te Manawa is being held as part of the Induction and Mentoring Seminar and it’s for all PCT’s and all teachers new to WMK.  Our expectation is that as a new teacher inducting into WMK, you attend workshops introducing Te Manawa. 


The workshop is also open to all teachers so please feel free to enrol!


Regional Meeting Term 1: Professional Learning And Development Opportunity - A Deeper Understanding Of Te Whāriki, Te Hohonutanga o Te Whāriki  


Facilitators Dr. Lesley Ramaka and Arapera Card from Te Rito Maioha Early Childhood New Zealand


At this terms Regional Meetings we were able to share in some wonderful PLD which focused on developing deeper understandings of Māori concepts to support authentic learning opportunities for all tamariki. The workshop used a kaupapa Māori lens to explore the stronger focus on bicultural practice, and the importance of language, culture, and identity. It also supported us in providing ways to strengthen Māori values and beliefs, the integration of te reo Māori, tikanga Māori, Māori concepts, pedagogies and practices.


Please could you take the time to respond to the Survey Monkey in the link here so that the facilitators and the Senior Teacher team can receive your feedback about this PLD – thank you in advance.


The Senior Teacher team 


Downloading GOSH Onto Phones and Tablets


Here's how!


Open your internet browser on your phone or tablet.   


Enter the following link into your address bar http://www.gosh.net.nz/nzkindergartens/hwm/9633.htm


This will take you to the GOSH website.


Click on the three vertical buttons at the end on the right of the address bar.


Click on add to home screen.


Click on the Add button.


Maintenance Requests


Please remember that if you enter a new hazard onto your Hazard Register which requires maintenance to eliminate it, you are required to complete a Maintenance Request Form using GOSH.


Teacher's Council Elections - Don’t Forget To Vote


You have until Tuesday to vote for your representative on the Teaching Council if you haven't already.


One of the first actions of this government was to restore the right of teachers to vote for their own representatives on the Council so it is important to exercise this right.


You should have received an email from the Council with instructions on how to vote and details of who is standing.  If you haven’t check your junk or spam mail and if your email is not there you can ring 0800922 822.


Measles Update       


With the measles epidemic in Christchurch some teachers are wondering about risks in kindergartens in Welington and about their own immunisation status.  Information from regional public health provides advice on measles and the current epidemic.


There have been no reported measles cases in the greater Wellington region at the moment, however authorities are concerned about the possibility of measles spreading during the term break.


Because the supply of the vaccine is limited at the moment, the priority is to get children immunised at 15 months and at four years.  Families whose young children have not been vaccinated should contact their doctor to make an appointment.


People over fifty do not need to be vaccinated as they are considered to have good immunity.


Others who are concerned that they have not been vaccinated, or not been fully vaccinated, can contact their GP to get a vaccination as supplies become available. 


The vaccine is free.


More information is available from Regional Public Health by clicking here


Research Assistance Request


We have had the following request come through from a student at Victoria University.


Kia ora, my name is Kath Cooper. I am a student at Victoria University conducting research towards my education doctorate.


I invite you to take part in my research about Rainbow families and how prepared newly graduated early childhood teachers are to work with them. If you have graduated between July 2018 and July 2019, I’d love to hear from you.


If you decide to participate there is a link below for you to click on and get started. The questionnaire will take between 15-25 minutes to complete and requires some reflective answers. When you click on the link, there is more information about what to expect, how the data collected will be used, and how to get hold of me if you have any further questions or concerns. 


Research Questionnaire Link


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me cooperkath1@myvuw.ac.nz  or my supervisor, Dr Jenny Ritchie,  jenny.ritchie@vuw.ac.nz


Balaji And Meera Training In The USA


Last week Balaji, Silverstream Kindergarten, and Meera, Upper Hutt Kindergarten, completed their advanced training in autism with the University of North Carolina, USA. 


This training follows their earlier training with the University last July, and a continuing professional development into advanced applications about TEACCH autism program, which includes programming in the areas of teaching strategies, communication and social development. 


They were also trained how to coach and support professionals and work with families to implement structure at home.  


Here is a photo taken at that training in the USA.




Privacy Settings Changed In Facebook      


Facebook has changed its privacy settings.

This won’t effect the kindergartens Facebook pages but it may affect your personal page.

The best way to review this is via your settings > privacy.  You may find that you need too ‘limit past posts’.

The changes require the user to choose their audience each time they post, whether they want their post to go to friends, friends of friends or public.


This Week On Facebook    



To celebrate manaaki and harmony the team at Owhiro Bay Kindergarten planted a fern and placed a koru statue in their garden. They invited their community to join them.

They said the karakia whakataka te hau and explained that these words would help the tree to grow strong. 

Whaea Rachel encouraged the tamariki to be kind to the tree, not to touch it, but give it encouragement. Acknowledge how green and brown it is, tell it to grow strong, say it’s doing a good job, and we love it.


They explained the meaning of the koru statue. The koru represents growth, new beginnings, family and harmony.  They talked about how they will see this shape as new fronds grow.  


They finished with the waiata tutira mai nga iwi - a song about standing together seeking knowledge, loving one another and being one.


Handy Facebook Pages    


This page helps Kiwi organisations on their diversity and inclusion journey and they are a part of the solution to a more diverse and inclusive Aotearoa.




Here is the Diversity Calendar.



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