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 17 February 2022




For a roundup of what has been happening across our regions click below.




Our latest news:









Nau mai ki te pānui tênei ko te Kōrero.


Covid-19 Update


The landscape has changed yet again, as we move into Phase Two of the public health response. Cases in our communities are increasing every day and we know this brings uncertainty. We have been working through guidance and information from all sources and we will be sending out an updated pack to you tomorrow, so watch out for this and make sure all members of your team, and any relievers you have get to see it. We will also be sending a separate email to all Relievers tomorrow so please encourage them to look out for that.  In the mean time keep working through your home isolation safety plan with your teams and let us know if you need any support.


Positive Community Cases

The processes around the management of active cases and close contacts in our communities has meant that members of our Senior Leadership team have been in almost daily contact with the Ministry of Education. In each of these interactions (now across 20 kindergartens) it has been noted that our approach is well planned, we understand what is needed and, communication clear. The efforts of kindergartens have been praised and the Ministry have encouraged the use of practices that have ensured that time inside the kindergarten and in close proximity with other adults are minimised while there are active cases in the immediate community.


You’re are doing a great job!


Drop-off and Pick-ups

If there are active cases in your immediate community, adapting your practices to ensure that time inside the kindergarten and in close proximity with other adults is minimised is a good idea. This means wearing a mask and making sure your processes enable social distancing. You should also think about minimising congestion and move your sign in/out to a veranda or outside.  You might also consider one whānau at a time, or staggered starts – you know what will suit your space best.  


Good practice would be to be regularly reviewing the situation, and adapting to meet the immediate needs.


Phase Two Covid-19 Self Isolation

During phase two of the Covid-19 protection framework, isolation timeframes for positive cases, whānau of positive cases and close contacts have changed. 


Here's some guidance on what to expect and do if you or your whānau get COVID-19 or you are identified as a close contact.





We know that at the moment it can be particularly challenging to find a reliever.  The whole of the education sector is facing this issue right now and we are doing what we can to provide support.  We are working through the process to employ relievers as fast as we can and are adding new relievers to our list every day.  However, with the added pressure of COVID and all that goes with that, there is a lot of pressure on our relievers’ list. 


So, here’s what we need you to do:

  • Only get a reliever if you think attendance will be high and you need one to maintain ratios.  We know that attendance has been lower, particularly in communities where there are confirmed cases of COVID and this may mean you don’t necessarily need to replace the teacher who is away.
  • If you book a reliever but on the day you find numbers are low, please contact the Relieving Coordinator or your Senior Teacher.  We may need to move the reliever (or another teacher) to another kindergarten. Thank you, in advance, for your support in this way.
  • If you need a reliever (because of numbers) but we haven’t been able to find you one, contact your Senior Teacher, or the Office, immediately.  We will contact other kindergartens and try to move a teacher or a reliever to you. 
  • Identify a group of kindergarten parents who can be emergency relievers for you.  We will always try to get a qualified reliever first but if we can’t get one then you can ask one of these parents to step in.  They do need to be police vetted etc before we can use them so ask them to complete the Untrained Relievers Pack (see below) and send it in – we will process it as quickly as we can. We suggest you start with the volunteers you already have attested under the Mandatory Vaccination Order, as they will also need to meet that requirement.

We need to support our precious Relievers during this time – keep them connected, informed and feeling supported.  We will be sending an email with information directly to our Relievers tomorrow, with information about pay etc.  Please talk to any relievers you have in your kindergartens – check they saw our email, and that they are reading the Korero and other information we send out. 


Untrained Relievers Pack

Please find below the links to paperwork for an untrained reliever. The Police Vet and Proof of ID are two separate documents. The Proof of ID requires the Head Teacher to sight the two forms of ID and fill in the form with the details. The Police Vet requires two forms of ID to be photocopied and on each copy the words:


“I have sighted the original version of this document and confirm they appear to be the same person” – Head Teacher to sign, and date.


Please be aware that if you are copying the drivers licence, the new licences have the issue and expiry date on the back and we require a copy of that too.  Please also provide us with a COVID vaccination record showing dose 1 and 2 and booster.


Application Untrained Relievers Nov21




Police Vet and Identity Verification Check List


Proof of Identity


PVS Vetting Request and Consent Form


Senior Teacher Update


Kia ora koutou katoa, 


Education Review Office (ERO) Update 

This year we see ERO back with us, piloting their Evaluation Framework for Governing Organisations.


The review will look a bit different to what they have done in the past, and this new way of working begins with ERO spending two weeks with us in March, at the Porirua office, meeting with some of the Senior Leadership team.


During the March visit ERO and the Senior Leadership team will be designing the focus for ERO’s review and choosing 20 kindergartens to visit. These visits will take place in term two of this year.


We will keep you updated as we continue this work the ERO review team.


Education Review Office Publication

ERO has published a new report, Responding to Diverse Cultures: Good Practice in Home-based Early Childhood Services, looking at how children’s cultures and languages can be reflected in everyday practice, supporting their learning and wellbeing.


Drawn from home-based ECE settings, this new report is a collection of useful examples to inspire and motivate kaiako across the early learning sector to grow their ability in culturally responsive teaching.


The report is available here on ERO’s website.


There is also a short summary here. 


Following the publication of this report, ERO will also be running a short webinar for kaiako and leaders on culturally responsive teaching. This webinar will be free to attend and is running from 7 - 8pm on Thursday 3 March. For those interested in attending the webinar, RSVPs need to be emailed to ERO by 5pm Tuesday 1 March. A link to the webinar will be sent out closer to the time.


Ministry of Education High Needs Review

Here is a link to the MOE Highest Needs Review where you will find a link to an online submission portal.  This portal is open until  31 March 2022.


The vision for the Highest Needs Review is children and young people with the highest learning support needs getting the right support, at the right time, for as long as they need it.  We all know how important the right support is, so jump online and have your say.


Kahui Ako

Here is a link to the national Kahui Ako survey.  This survey is live until Friday 4 March. The purpose of the survey is to get your views about how the Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako model might be made more responsive to local needs.


PLD Update 


Kapa Haka with Lou

Starts 24 March and goes through to 24 November 4.00pm to 5.30pm in Te Puna, Porirua office. All the dates are below in the PLD section, so jump onto Tūhonohono to enrol.


Workshops with Lou

Lou has on offer a range of PLD workshops for kindergarten teams. We are asking you to talk with your Senior Teacher about which ones you are interested in. Your Senior Teacher will send your team’s expression of interest to Lou and she will contact your kindergarten. Please note, your kindergarten will be the venue for these workshops and only your team will be attending.  Lou’s workshops always receive great feedback, and what they offer continues to build our bicultural capability, as individuals, as a team and as an organisation.


Workshop 1:Te Tiriti o Waitangi - 3.00pm to 5.00pm:  21 February, 20 July, 10 October

Workshop 2: Te Taiao - 3.00 pm to 5.00pm: 14 March, 19 July, 11 October

Workshop 3: Te Whāriki - 3.00 pm to 5.00pm: 27 April, 18 July, 13 October


(please note times are flexible with Lou.  If any of these dates fall in the PLD weeks for part year kindergartens, or if full year kindergartens would like to make them their Teacher Only Day focus just let Lou know)


Strategic Teaching and Learning Plan update

To support your planning for 2022 you will now find the updated versions of the following forms/templates in Storypark on the Teachers Toolbox:

  • The HWM Year Planner
  • AR -STLP flow chart 2022
  • STLP template
  • Curriculum development framework 2022.

if you are having any problems with locating or using any of these documents then talk with your Senior Teacher who will be happy to support you.  


Teaching Council- Have your Say


Elections for the Teaching Council are underway. There are three candidates standing for the position of early childhood representative. Check your emails to get information about the candidates, and how to vote.

Details may go to your personal email address rather than your Whānau Manaaki one.

Soon the Teaching Council will be running a consultation exercise on an increase to fees.  This follows a significant fee increase which was overturned last year by court action taken by the secondary teachers’ union, the PPTA.  After the Council lost in court, parliament changed the law to make it easier for the Council to increase fees.  

The consultation is expected to start later this month and run for several weeks. We will update you when it begins.


TG Macarthy Trust


You may have noticed in your monthly accounts that you have received a $500 grant from the TG Macarthy Trust.  All of our kindergartens receive this grant on an annual basis now and the amount is automatically updated to your monthly accounts. This grant is to be used for books and IT equipment. If you have any questions about grants please contact Robyn Mareko.


Appointments and Resignations


Congratulations to the following on their recent appointments:


Kitty PayneCommunications AdvisorHead Office
Bethlehem MacGibbon.8 TeacherNgaio
Yvette Verhoeven.6 TeacherOnslow
Brooke Maxwell.8 TeacherNewtown


We wish all the best to the following who have resigned:


Dianna FairhallTeacherLansdowne
Krystal Hollenback.9 TeacherPutiki
Georgina WarrenHead TeacherWellington South
Liam MurphyTeacherMoira Gallagher
Sam Hosking.6 TeacherSilverstream
Trisha BaylissTeacherNgaio


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