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  16 April 2020


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Nau mai ki tenei wiki Kōrero.  


Wow, another week of our rāhui over, and with it Easter.  I hope that you managed to have a great break and got to spend some quality time with those in your bubble.


You will see in the media a lot of talk about what things might look like for us all under each of the rāhui levels.  Things are changing at such a pace.  We have given our latest update below and will give further updates next week.


Kia noho haumaru




Post-Rāhui Planning


As we said in last week’s Kōrero, we have begun planning for the different possibilities post- 22 April when COVID-19 Level 4 is supposed to expire. There are lots of questions around what “post-rāhui” may look like, and there are lots of unknowns. Thanks heaps to all of you who sent questions and concerns in via your Senior Teacher. This has helped in our planning to date.


There are two critical announcements that are due to be made by the Prime Minister –

  • one today about what Level 3 and Level 2 may look like in more detail; and
  • one on Monday about what will happen post- 22 April when COVID-19 Level 4 is supposed to expire.


Because these two announcements may impact significantly on what we do, at this stage, we have done a lot of scenario planning. Once we are more clear about what may happen after these announcements have been made, we will communicate a more detailed plan to all staff.


So at this stage the plan for communication will be:


Monday 20 April          Prime Minister announces decisions made by cabinet

                                    HWM considers announcement and information supplied to date

                                    Initial communication to staff


Tuesday 21 April         Email Updates resume

                                    Detailed information/plan to staff 


Wednesday 22 April    Further information included in Email Update


We have been doing lots of planning in the background – both within our management team and with other associations.


Please don’t do anything around preparing for opening – such as contacting cleaners, or contacting families about enrolments. We will manage all of that carefully and of course we will keep you posted.


Please do keep emailing your senior teacher with questions and thoughts.


Please do keep posting fantastic stuff for children and families, and do keep planning and thinking about your learning programme.


And above all, do keep looking after yourself and others around you.


Day-to-day Relievers


We have been working hard behind the scenes with other Associations across the country to try to get some financial support from the Government for our Relievers.  We sent out a message to our relievers late last week telling them that NZEI, the union for teachers, is advising that Day-to-day Relievers should apply for the Wage Subsidy as a Self-employed, sole trader.  We are very pleased and relieved that many Relievers have done that this week and have have their application approved and have received the money. 


We know this is really tricky and some might feel uncertain about whether the criteria apply for relievers.  The reality is that it isn’t clear, but we do know that applicaitons have largely been successful and it is the option open to Day-to-day Relievers at this time. 


If you haven’t already, and wish to apply for the Subsidy, you can follow this link.  This should take you straight to the relevant form. 


One of our Relievers, Clarissa Vincenzio-Wickens, created this guide for other relievers so they could see how to fill in the form (thanks Clarissa). 


In a couple of cases, Relievers have been contacted by someone at MSD to talk about their application and have said they don’t think the Reliever is elligible.  If that happens for you, you might say the following:

  • Your employer, Whānau Manaaki Kindergartens, is not eligible to apply for the Wage Subsidy because of the way our funding works;
  • The Union is advising that Kindergarten Day-to-day Relievers should apply for the Subsidy as sole traders
  • Hundreds of Day-to-day Relievers around the country, including some who work for the same employer as you, have been approved and have received the subsidy;
  • It is the only option open to you at the moment. 

So far, having this discussion with MSD has been successful and people have then received the subsidy.  Also in a few cases, Relievers who have had their application declined have reapplied and have been successful.  If you’re going to do that you might need to be prepared to have the conversation if you are contacted. 


Please continue to let us know, by emailing karen.skett@wmkindergartens.org.nz, whether or not you have applied for the subsidy and whether or not you have received it.  We are continuing to work for our Relievers and it’s really helpful to hear your stories. 


Early Learning On TV         


 As you will know, educational TV started this week featuring early learning options on two channels between nine and three each day.


The Ministry of Education is publishing the schedule regularly which you can view here. 


Well-known early childhood teacher and personality Karen O’Leary fronts some of the material.

Whānau Manaaki Kindergartens has had some input into some of the material, which was developed under significant time pressure.


It is good to publicise this resource to your families, to remind them.


Good Sort              


Waikanae Kindergarten teacher Lisa Ford made it to the television news last week with her storytelling.


In case you missed it here is the link.  She’s the second person featured on the clip.


Remembering Tanuvasa Ioane Siauvao


A Samoan community leader who played an important role in Whānau Manaaki’s Etu Ao and Whānau Ora services has died in Samoa.


Tanuvasa Ioane Siauvao and his late wife Isa were home based educators in Etu Ao so had a close relationship with our Visiting Teachers and TONIs. He also was a leader in our Samoan programmes Aganuu FaaSamoa 101 and later O A’u o le Samoa as part of our Pasifika Whānau Ora programme where he shared his knowledge as a Matai, Fa’aSamoa, and history of Samoa and its culture. 


He continued his relationships and support for those who completed these programmes and was very generous with his time, knowledge and expertise to anyone, working alongside Whānau Manaaki as a spokesperson at events and functions, and an advisor on Samoan protocol.


Tanuvasa held an important role in his family, which includes members of the Mareko family employed by Whānau Manaaki.


Although unable to travel to Samoa, Caroline Mareko says the family was able to attend his funeral and burial through a livestream. “He leaves a huge hole in our hearts.  May he rest in peace.  Manuia lou malaga Tanuvasa.”




Wellbeing App                                


You may have already heard about this very cool app called Mentemia - it has been created by Sir John Kirwin & endorsed by the government.


This app has just been launched for all to use, and what is better, it is free!  (That was not the plan for this app so we are very lucky!) You can download the app from your playstore or you can click here to be taken to the Mentemia website with links to the playstore.


This app helps support our mental wellbeing and has been put together for everyone and anyone!  It is very user friendly and has heaps of great tips and ways to stay focused and feel balanced, in all areas of our lives.


After entering some detail the app will also gauge how you are feeling daily to give an overview picture on how you are doing emotionally over time!

It's also a great "bubble agony Aunt" and we could all do with one of those!!


Aroha’s Way


Aroha’s Way is a bestselling picture book for children around emotions associated with anxiety. Wilding Books have created a video of Aroha’s Way here.




Staying Connected!


It is great to see our teams using technology to stay connected, with themselves and their communities.  We love seeing your photos!


The team at Paremata Creche connecting!



Love how the team at Masterton West are still celebrating their tamariki's last day at kindergarten before they move on to school.  Check out their facebook page and the amazing vidoes they have created for these 5 year olds!



Heke, from Fanau Pasifika, and her son, groove down for their community!  Love the moves!


So We Thought We Would Join In!


Wondered where all the toilet paper went??  Well you can't blame us in the office, we only used one roll!



This Week On Facebook   







Handy Facebook Pages   


Chris Lam Sam has entertained millions of children around the globe performing as a multi award-winning musician, and internationally published picture book author!

Chris lives in Wellington, New Zealand with his wife and three sons.




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