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 11 June 2020


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Nau mai ki tenei wiki Kōrero.  


Yay for Level One, and it’s so nice to see so many children back at kindergarten for the first time as parents gain confidence from this new status.


We encourage you to start thinking about your fundraising activities and excursions.  Obviously it may take some time to set up any excursion or fundraiser.  You will need to give your families time to feel confident coming out of the rāhui, and be kind to yourselves as you get these things underway again.


We still encourage you to follow best practice as follows:

  • Keep up the hand hygiene
  • Display your QR codes for your families to keep records of where they go. We have sent most of these out and the rest will be sent as they become available.
  • Encourage families to keep sick children home.


           Mauri ora



First Aid And Child Protection


As we had to cancel/postpone PLD due to the rāhui in the April break the PLD team have been working hard to arrange extra courses in July. 


Please note that because we have to prioritise people who have First Aid and Child Protection expiring we are managing all bookings.  Please do not log into HR.Net to book or rebook into these courses.


If you have missed a course or are already booked into a First Aid or Child Protection course Karen Craig will be contacting you individually to confirm your booking or offer a place in a course later in the year, so keep an eye on your WM emails!


If you have any questions or would like to talk to someone about First Aid or Child Protection, please send Karen an email at Karen.craig@wmkindergartens.org.nz or phone (06) 345 6729.


Thank you so much for your patience, we appreciate it can be tricky with having to move dates that you may have already booked with other commitments.


2020/21 Kindergarten Budgets


We are beginning the process of preparing the 2020/21 WMK Association budget and as usual we require your input as part of this process.  Things are running a little later than in prior years due to COVID-19 so we have pushed out the deadlines for collecting budget information from you.


We have simplified the process due to the tight timeframes and will circulate your 2020/21 budget templates and instructions next week.  Your completed kindergarten budget for the year to 30 June 2021 is due at the Association by Friday 24 July 2020.


Please work with your Senior Teacher and Kindergarten team to complete this exercise, which will also mean planning for your 2020/21 fundraising activities, IT purchases and property projects, as well as how you will use your Equity and Targeted funding (where applicable). 


The budgets you submit will be collated and reviewed by the Association and will be used as a reference against which PA1 requests made during 2020/21 are evaluated.


We are happy to assist you with your budgeting exercise, so please contact Jane Braun at the Association or 027 528 8993 or email jane.braun@wmkindergartens.org.nz if you have questions or concerns.


Staff Sync Reliever App Training 

We are continuing the roll out of training for Staff Sync (app for co-ordinating relievers, if you have already downloaded the app, many thanks.  All of the remaining training will be held here at He Whānau Manaaki office, in Te Puna (the big room downstairs).

This app is already used in some parts of our organisation and you may have already started to receive emails through it.  It is really important that all relievers attend the training because it is the systems we will using for booking relievers from Term 3. We know, like any change, there could be some hiccups along the way so please let us know if you need further support or have any questions.

We anticipate that there will be very little (if any) impact on teachers in Kindergartens at this stage, it will be Relievers and our Co-ordinators who will be using the App, but we need teachers to support where you can.  Our reliever co-ordinators have been provided with training and they will also be present where possible at the training days being provided.


Relievers will be paid for their time to attend the training and reimbursed for travel.  
As the training is for a mobile based app, please make sure you bring your cell-phone and/or device: ipad etc.

The schedule for the remaining training sessions, where there are still spaces, is as follows:






15 June

3.00pm and 5.30pm

He Whānau Manaaki – Te Puna


16 June


He Whānau Manaaki – Te Puna

Please RSVP to confirm to Leigh.Comeskey@wmkindergartens.org.nz and let Leigh know if you have any dietary requirements.  


Maintenance Requests


When requesting any maintenance at your kindergarten you are to do so using the GOSH online system.


When you require maintenance at your kindergarten: Firstly, please refer to the Maintenance Flow chart for your area. The flow chart details the process for requesting maintenance and includes the names and contact details of the preferred contractors in your area. The Maintenance Flow charts are available on GOSH in the Key documents section and on the Whānau Manaaki website here.


Please note that with all urgent and essential maintenance, the kindergarten must contact the contractor directly and then complete the Kindergarten Maintenance Request form in GOSH.


When requesting maintenance please use the Kindergarten Maintenance Request form which can be found in the What would you like to report? section on GOSH.


If you have any questions, please contact Lupeni.Aitogi@wmkindergartens.org.nz


Minister Visits


Education Minister and local MP Chris Hipkins visited Heretaunga Kindergarten yesterday and spoke about issues in early childhood education including the funding for 100 per cent qualified teachers, and the issues in trying to introduce pay parity in the sector.


The Minister had visited previously when the kindergarten was campaigning for against the cuts which removed the 100 per cent funding for the sector.


The kindergarten gifted his children a couple of books – one on inclusion – “Kia kaha”, and the other one “Aroha’s way” on children’s wellbeing and emotions.


Head teacher Larsarah Burney says the visit was appreciated by families and teachers.



Whānau Manaaki Staff Discuss Their Work With The Prime Minister  


Whānau Manaaki’s Community Navigators, Moamoa Faleafaga and Marita Basabas, say it was good to have the opportunity to talk to the Prime Minister at Toru Fetū kindergarten last week, but there wasnt much time to explain the complicated financial issues of their clients.


The Community Navigators work with Whānau Manaaki’s Whānau Ora programme which works with 260 Pasifika families in the Porirua area. 


As reported in last week's Kōrero, Jacinda Ardern came to Toru Fetū last week to talk about changes to consumer laws, which cap the daily interest levels on high interest loans, and regulate trucks that sell high cost goods to low income people on credit. 


The Whānau Ora navigators have a lot of experience of clients who get into trouble with debt because of predatory lenders and through the shopping trucks. 


Marita says the first thing that needs to happen is for incomes to rise, because people simply don't have enough money to meet their costs. 


She says the Prime Minister was interested in ethical lenders who offer an alternative to high interest loans, but Marita says she didn’t get the chance to explain that ethical lenders turn down people whose budget suggests that they are not in a position to make repayments.


Moa says Kris Faafoi, who is currently the local Mana MP as well as the Minister of Consumer Affairs, asked the navigators to monitor the effects of the change in the law to make sure the lenders comply with the law and change their behaviour. 


Moa says already the wording of advertising has changed, to reflect the new caps on interest rates. 


Here Moa explains to the PM the complex financial issues of his clients, while Marita (to Kris Faafoi's left) listens in.


He pōuri mātou mo ngā mate ki tā whānau Hiscox.  He arohanui tino nui ki tōu whānau mo He Whānau Manaaki.


We extend aroha to our Ōhakune and Waiouru communities as they deal with the tragic loss of 3 well known members of their wider community.  Bev Hiscox and her grandchildren Luka and JJ were killed in a tragic farming accident at the weekend. 


We are continuing to support our teachers and the kindergarten whānau at this time.  WM have also reached out to offer our sympathies to the Nancy Winter Early Childhood Centre, the centre the boys used to attend as youngsters and whose teachers share in our PLD.


Research Participants Required


We have received the following request from a Masters student for research involving members of your kindergarten communities.  If you would please pass this on to your families it would be very much appreciated.


My name is Sharon Campbell and I am a Masters of Audiology student at the University of Canterbury. I am currently undertaking a study for my final year thesis which involves revising a brochure which is currently given out to parents of children who have a mild hearing loss. The reason I have chosen to revise this brochure is to make it easier for parents to understand what a mild hearing loss means and how they can help their child with hearing loss. This is because the original brochure has been assessed as being too difficult for the majority of parents to understand.


In order to do this I need to test the revision on parents to see whether the changes do indeed make it easier to understand, and to get people’s opinions of how it could be further improved


I am therefore wondering whether you would be willing to help recruit participants by sharing this advertisement with your parent members. The participants will need to be over 18, parents of at least one child under the age of 5, and have had no experience with hearing services. They will be required to read the information online (either the original or the revised version) and complete a short survey online. This can all be done by clicking on the link here, and should take between 15-20 minutes. I am offering the opportunity for participants to go into a draw to win 1 of 2 $50 prezzy cards by way of thanks.


Thanks Sharon. 


Lots Of Learning At Aramoho


Toru Fetu Celebrates 10 Years


There was lots of fun and laughter this week as Toru Fetu Kindergarten celebrated turning 10!  The children danced and sang, ate cake and loved being entertained by Zappo!






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In our time of recovery, let's try hard to support our NZ businesses!



For Koha


Wadestown Kindergarten have a number of adjustable tables they are wanting to rehome for a koha.  If you are interested please contact the kindergarten directly.




Papakowhai Kindergarten have this table to give away.  You must be able to pick it up, if you are keen contact the kindergarten direclty.



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