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 10 October 2019


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Nau mai ki tenei wiki Kōrero.  


Bula Vinaka!                             


It is Fijian language week.  While many of you are on term break we do want to hear from those who have celebrated Fijian language week.  Please send your photos showing your celebrations to korero@wmkindergartens.org.nz.




New Salary Rates For Teachers


The Salary Scale in the renewed employment agreement for kindergarten teachers has changed, and we know this is perhaps a little confusing. 


What has happened is that the first two steps have essentially been removed. So, what was Step 3 is now called Step 1, and so-on up the scale.  So, essentially, all the steps have been renamed, with a new number two digits lower than what it was, e.g. Step 5 is now Step 3, Step 10 is now Step 8, etc. 


If you look at your pay rate on your pay slip you will see that your pay went up to the new amount as agreed through the settlement in July.  You haven’t gone down two steps, this is just a renaming of the steps, with increased salary amounts. 


Individual Employment Agreement


We have emailed all teachers who are not members of the union with an offer of a new Individual Employment Agreement.  We have asked you to sign and return the new agreement. 


You will move to the new salary rate as soon as we receive your signed acceptance of the new agreement, until then you will stay on your current salary rate.  Please check your email – most of them went to the @wmkindergartens address – and if you don’t have it please let us know ASAP. 


If you have joined the union, or believe you are a member, please let us know that and send us confirmation and we can make sure you receive the appropriate provisions of the the collective agreement. 



If you have any questions about your employment agreement please contact karen.skett@wmkindergartens.org.nz or on 021 857 826. 


PLD for Full year and/or Full Day Kindergartens


9 November 2019 WMK Office - Te Puna

9.30 -1.00pm


Advance notice that we are holding a PLD seminar for our full day and/or full year kindergartens on 9 November. Please enrol on HR.Net ASAP to support our planning.  


There will be two separate workshops:


Being an intentional teacher – How do I respond?

Intentional Teaching is explained in Te Manawa as involving teachers ‘being deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful in their decisions and actions.


This workshop will focus on:

  • What’s the point of being intentional?
  • How, when, where, and about what, am I/are we being intentional?
  • How do I/do we strengthen my/our intentional responses?
  • What informs intentional teaching?


Using Storypark Effectively - what more can we use it for?


This will focus on:

  • Using Storypark planning feature for a range of purposes, including:
    • Internal Evaluation
    • Appraisal
    • Procedure
    • Meeting minutes
  • How do we use Storypark to enhance our communication across the team and with whānau

And more …..Bring any questions that you have for discussion on the day.


OMEP Meeting


Shannon Do Their Bit For The Community


Hyde Park in Shannon has had a recent upgrade, new toilets and bbqs installed in the park.  The teachers and children at Shannon Kindergarten were invited to do their bit for the upgrade and helped plant out the grounds.  The event was organised by the Horowhenua District Council and involved the four learning centres in Shannon, the kindergarten, playcentre, kohanga reo and the school.


Here the children and teachers muck in to help with the upgrade.



This Week On Facebook 


It was a beautiful day last Friday for the teachers and children of Kahurangi Kindergarten to wander around their local rose garden and collect lots of treasures!




This week the children at Maxwell and Districts Kindergarten have started creating their artwork for their fundraising calendars, diaries, notebooks etc...  Each child will have an original design.


Appointments And Resignations


Congratulations to the following on their recent appointments:


Colleen TempletonTeacherIsland Bay
Annie MarenghiTeacherIsland Bay
Sudama Werellagama.6 TeacherKhandallah
Trish BoothTeacherPukerua Bay
Lauren Jones.6 Teacher

Titahi Bay

Gemma Crowe.8 Teacher relieving to December 2019


Janice TossmanItinerant Reliever


Ann White.8 Teacher relieving to December 2019

Churton Park

Karen HodderTeacher relieving to December 2019

Island Bay

Rachael Gannaway.6 Teacher relieving to October 2020

Parsons Avenue

Alice Cunningham.65 Teacher relieving to March 2020


Sue SinclairTeacher relieving to March 2020

Te Timatanga Hou

Cornelia Brightwell.8 Teacher relieving to December 2019

Titahi Bay

Hanaa SodounCommunity Navigator to March 2020



We wish all the best to the following who have resigned:


Nicola ShawFinance AssistantWMK


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