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 7 Feb 2020


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Nau mai ki tenei wiki Kōrero.  


Your Kōrero is coming to you today instead of the usual Thursday due to Waitangi Day yesterday.  However you chose to celebrate this significant day I hope it was a good one.




Study Assistance Grant


We are inviting applications, in line with our policy, for a Study Assistance Grant. 


So if you’re studying to enhance your qualification for your job then you might be eligible for a grant.  Read the policy here, which has the application form attached, and if you would like to submit an application (together with proof of the cost of your study) please email it to karen.skett@wmkindergartens.org.nz by 27 February. 


Storypark PLD


We are looking at new ways to reach more teachers with our Storypark PLD, to support teams and individual teachers in building their knowledge and capability in using Storypark.


Online meetings using ZOOM have been successfully trialled for other PLD so we are keen to trial it more widely across Whānau Manaaki for Storypark, with two initial Storypark Zoom Meetings planned for this term. 


The focus for this term will be around using the Planning Function and in particular setting up your STLP Overview and STLP Action Plans on Storypark. We aim to have time for responding to your questions too.  We are hoping to record each session so that you can also revisit the information shared.


The first one is scheduled for Thursday 27 February from 3.30 -4.00 pm,  if you and/or your team are interesting in being part of this, pleaseenrol hereonHR.Net or contact Kaz onKaren.craig@wmkindergarten.org.nz, and we will send more detailed instructions about joining in with these ZOOM meetings. Numbers for this initial session will be limited to 20 participants.


If you have any questions please email Lynette (lynette.wray@wmkindergartens.org.nz


The second one this term will be on Thursday 19 March from 3.00-4.30pm.


Benefits Continue To Fall Behind


Research from the Salvation Army says benefits need to rise by 22 per cent to get back to the level they were at after the benefit cuts of 1991.


The Salvation Army says rising rents and electricity prices affect those dependent on a benefit the most, because they spend a higher percentage of their income in these areas.  Those working in budget advisory services say core benefits don’t meet basic weekly living costs. 


The charity Kidscan, which supplies food and items such as shoes and raincoats to schools, has also called for a 22 per cent increase in benefits.


Salvation Army social policy adviser Ronji Tanielu said something has to change.


"We have child poverty and homelessness in New Zealand like we haven't seen in generations and the social services we and others are providing are stretched to breaking point.  The Government's own experts have said benefits need to increase, we have a prime minister who has made lifting children out of poverty her main goal, and now we have a surplus that can pay for it. If benefits cannot be lifted now, then when will they ever be lifted?"


Irmgard Ritchie Celebrate Chinese New Year



New Fale for Fanau Pasifika


It takes the whole village to raise a child. Se tasi o matua a le Fanau Pasifika Kindergarten...Le fetalaiga ia Asiata ma lona alo ia Iese sa ofoina le fesoasoani e galueaina le toe fausiaina o le fale Samoa mo alo ma fanau a lenei aoga. O se galuega sa fausia i le agaga alofa....ae maise ai o lo latou titi faitama i nai o latou alo ma fanau o loo ile Fanau Pasifika.. E tolu aso sa toe fausia atoa ai lenei fale ma o loo iai pea le finagalo fai mea lelei o lenei fueloloa o le atunuu le afioga I le agaiotupu ia Asiata e mafai ona tuu asiasi mai i ona taimi paganoa e faaleleia atili nisi o vaega o lenei fale aua lava le saogalemu o alo ma fanau.

One of our families at Fanau Pasifika... Le fetalaiga Asiata and his son Lese spent three days here at Fanau Pasifika to rebuild our fale Samoa... and here it is now.  He did it with love...and one of our proverbs say: “O au o matua Fanau”. 


Asiata said he will continue to come to the kinderarten to fix other things for the safety of our tamaiti.



Newtown Renovations


Newtown Kindergarten are loving their new lockers and bathroom area.  They have made a huge difference to the teachers and children.



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