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Whānau Manaaki Kindergartens are supported by a committee of parents and whānau. The committee is responsible for fundraising, applying for grants, simple maintenance and generally supporting the teachers. New committee members are welcome at any time during the year, and it is a great way to get to know people and to learn more about the environment your child is growing up in, not to mention a chance to contribute to your community. Kindergartens thrive with the support of parents/whānau and the committee. Children also succeed in education when their parents get involved.

Would you like to be on one of our Committees?

Committees and teachers support each other and cooperate to ensure the smooth running of the kindergarten.
Local committee meetings are held once a month in kindergartens, usually outside the times teachers are working with children. It can be a great way of meeting other parents

When electing a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer to a committee, it is preferable that they have a child attending kindergarten for at least the majority of the year, as teachers need to be in regular contact with office holders and if their children aren’t attending kindergarten this can be difficult.


What's involved...

  • Whānau Manaaki committees are responsible to the Association for the management, fundraising, maintenance of buildings, ground and equipment and other matters not related to the curriculum and professional/personnel issues.
  • Committees and teachers support each other to ensure the smooth running of the kindergarten.
  • Committee meetings are held once a month at your kindergarten, these meetings are generally outside normal kindergarten hours to ensure there is no disruption to children’s education.


For more information on committees, please talk to the teachers 


A Facilities Manual relating to property matters is kept in each kindergarten. This is presently under review.






The Government provides a grant in aid to kindergarten associations, which is designed cover teachers’ salaries, general maintenance of the buildings, the running of the Association office and general day-to-day running costs.


Fees, parent contributions, fundraising and community grants are necessary to replace equipment, develop our buildings and outdoor environments. Fundraising activities are held throughout the year and the committee and teachers work hard at ensuring these are relevant, interesting and of course fun! Whānau Manaaki holds workshops each year to help committees with fundraising ideas and suggestions.


Some existing fundraising ideas to get started on can be downloaded here and for more suggestions, check out this website.








Parents, whānau and friends are welcome to come to our kindergartens and join with us in our










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