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Cohort Entry




We’re getting an increasing number of enquiries from teams about our position regarding Cohort Entry because schools are contacting them as part of their requirement to consult when making a decision about whether or not the opt into the scheme.


We have spoken to the Ministry of Education about the challenge of having individual schools making decisions about Cohort Entry rather than a whole community of schools – we think that decisions such as this should be part of the work done by Communities of Learning (COLS), because it is tricky when kindergartens have one school opting in while another school determines not to.


The Association does not have a position on whether Cohort Entry is to be supported or not; rather, if Cohort Entry is adopted, it should be done in conjunction with the main “feeder” early childhood services, so transition processes can be of maximum benefit to children that’s why we believe such decisions should be part of the work of COLs.


We will continue to work with NZK, our national kindergarten organisation, and the Ministry of Education to ensure this initiative is introduced in a way that supports teaching and learning. We will also continue work on how we monitor changes across our region and how they impact on our services.


Please keep your Senior Teacher informed of any developments as they arise. In the interim, the following is a statement that we have given to teams that have enquired with us, and it is something you can use if you are approached by any schools in your area:


He Whānau Manaaki Kindergartens are happy to engage in discussions with schools about Cohort Entry. We believe a common, consistent approach in areas would be most beneficial to children – ie. All primary schools in an area adopt Cohort Entry, or all of them don’t.


We are eager to be involved in discussions about whether or not schools should adopt cohort entry where the impact on teaching and learning and children’s learning journeys are explored; in this way, any final decisions have resulted from thorough exploration of the possibilities as well as the challenges.
















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