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At Whānau Manaaki, we're passionate about building a better future for children, whānau, caregivers and friends who are part of our extended family. That's why we're encouraging everyone to get out and vote on Election Day. Casting a vote says that you care about the future of our country - including our early childhood education services.


Who you vote for is entirely up to you. We just want you to vote.

You can find out more about the early childhood education policies of each of the major political parties with the links below. And click on the right to check your enrolment details if you've unsure or need more information.


Click here to find out when and where to vote.





 Use the boxes below to check out each political party's policies...










We urge you to vote. Take an interest in your future and that of our whānau. Have a say.      


Authorised by Pamela Malcolm, Board Chair, He Whānau Manaaki o Tararua,

Unit F 15 John Seddon Drive, Elsdon Porirua : PO Box 50-743 Porirua 5240





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