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 17th May 2018 

The importance of Dispositions in Creating Genius, Giftedness and Talent


Here’s an article that questions labels for children and students such as “genius’ ‘gifted’ and ‘talented’ – and stresses the importance of dispositions, and that qualities such as perseverance, courage, practice, dedication, self-belief are arguably more important in achievement, including exceptional achievement. 


Alwyn Poole, a principal, reflects on theories in relation to giftedness and talent, and how they need to change.


“In recent years there has been significant change in our understanding of the human brain and on the development of ability. ….there is the work of Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck and her growth mindset work as well as the writings of Matthew Syed (Bounce, Black-Box Thinking and now – a children’s book – You Are Awesome) and New York’s Malcolm Gladwell (Outliers, David and Goliath). Syed skilfully wove his first book, Bounce, around the 10,000 hours concept and has meshed his recent work – writing and speaking – into Dweck’s mindset concepts.


The basic ideas are incredibly important for every human being; that they have the ability to develop exceptional skill and knowledge sets and that to do so requires significant guidance (teaching, coaching, skillful encouragement), many hours of purposeful practice and opportunities to attempt things (perform and take risks) and learn how to respond to both failures and successes in a way that propels them forward".


The article comes from the website, Education Central, which carries education articles each week. You can go to the website here.




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