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Submission on Cohort Entry - 

In March we issued a submission on Cohort Entry to the Ministry of Education, please click here for the full document.



Press release in response to Dangerous Daycares - 

In light of the recent commotion around the quality of early childhood education services we have released a press release. 


To read the full release please click here



The Malofie Exhibition -

Whānau Manaaki Kindergartens and Whitireia New Zealand in collaboration with Excel Pacific and Lavalava a Samoa present the Malofie Exhibtion. 


The Samoan Tattooing event will be held over two weeks beginning 26th of March, held at Whitireia's Wikitoria building. 


For the full press release click here.


News Hub also did a short piece on the exhibition, to view click here.





 Why am i?

The early years are absolutely crucial for how a person turns  out - that's the message from the Dunedin longitudinal study that features in the excellent television  series, Why am I? 


Here's a link to watch the programmes:












Labour Win - What Does This Mean For Us?

As an association we have always campaigned for policies that have the best interests of children at heart whether it be in the home or with us at kindergarten. To this end, we are excited and hopeful that a Labour-led government will progress policies that are more consistent with ours.


Although there is a fair amount of work to be done, we can expect a change in key education policies. This won’t occur overnight, and there will be competing pressures on the new Government. Therefore, we need to continue to advocate, lobby, and promote policies for high quality ECE and policies to support children and whānau. Our key platforms will continue:

  • Eradicate child poverty
  • Require 100 per cent qualified teachers and fund services for this
  • Invest in an effective timely, learning support service for all families.
  • Provide annual funding increases in line with costs

For more information on what Labour has planned so far click here or here.









 Johnsonville Full Day is on the move!

After negotiations with the Wellington City Council Johnsonville Full Day Kindergarten will be moving. The new kindergarten site will be above the new library in Johnsonville on Frankmoore Ave. Construction has begunand the full project (including new pool reception, public toilets and walkway through memorial park) is destined to be completed by December 2019. The kindergarten will continue to operate from its current site until the new premises are ready.


To keep updated with the new library/kindergartens construction click here.


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